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Rock To Rock

I wanted to share this note with you about a man named Pete Orta who use to play guitar with the Christian Group “PETRA”. Pete won Grammy awards for his music and chose to lay it all down and follow the path God was leading him and his family to. That was to reach troubled teens that have aged out of the foster system and have no hope. This family is amazing! Please read the letter below that my husband wrote. It is rare I encourage people to donate to anything. But this is one ministry that we believe in. This family does not ask for donations and live faith to faith not knowing where their rent or food is coming from. They have literally sold almost everything from there prosperous old life. At the end of the letter you can go to this site and read about this ministry. In Triumph I have also added a few pictures for you to see. ~ Karen Forman

I am the Director of the ROCK Student Center in Monroe, Georgia. The ROCK is a teen center who reaches out to inner-city teens or teens in need. We have 80 to 100 students that attend the ROCK. The ROCK is a non-profit organization and has made a difference in literally 100 teens. In the past 2 years we have had literally hundreds of students walk through the doors of the ROCK.

I met Pete Orta through my brother-n-law who is in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. He helped me get in touch with Pete so we could put our ideas and resources together to help the troubled teens that God has called us to reach.

We sent one of the students from the ROCK to Pete almost a year ago. This student was a drop out from high school, trying to stand and do what God had called him to do. His situation was very hard because he lived in an apartment that was in the housing authority and was in the middle of the inner-city. He was surrounded by drugs, gangs and did not stand much of a chance at life unless he was physically out of his situation. When I called Pete Orta, he did not hesitate and told me when the details were worked out to put him on the next plane out to Texas and he would help this young man. Pete and his wife Kelli took this young man in from Georgia and helped him see the plan God had for his life. It is nothing short of a miracle what happened! This young man started a new path of being able to get a high school diploma. He has been mentored by Pete on a daily basis and literally an hour to hour basis. God has done a miracle in this guy’s life through the instrument of a man named Pete Orta. This young man was literally hopeless and Pete helped him see what he could be through God’s eyes.

I took a trip to Texas and spent some time with Pete and his family so I could see for myself first hand what goes on in his home on a daily basis. I was amazed at the many sacrifices Pete and his family make so that God’s unfortunate children could have hope and stand a chance at being able to lead a successful life. There was complete order in the middle of a home that has no agenda except to lead others to the fountain of life which is Jesus Christ our Lord. Even though there was no hidden agenda or no strict schedule to follow, there was a perfect unexplainable peace and order in the middle of lives that to others seem chaotic. Pete and Kelly are teaching these teens on a daily basis basic living skills that will help them survive not only physically and mentally but mostly to survive spiritually. These teens that live with them are basically children that adults have thrown away because of their own mixed up lives that they could never get right. As a result these children that have no hope have been rescued by God and God saw to it that their paths crossed paths with Pete Orta. Now these thrown-away children can now be adults that have survived and become miracles that will go and share their lives with others. It becomes like a big chain of God’s grace that goes on and on and the result is lives literally being changed. One of the things I was amazed at most is that they are still able to love and care for their own children in a way that only can be a “God” thing. Pete and Kelli still were able to give each of their 4 biological children undivided attention. They reminded me of the energizer bunny that keeps going and going and going. And yet wakes up refreshed ready to tackle what ever God has for them the next day.

It is amazing to me that we live many states apart but still we are able to kind of team up with each other. My wife and I are so thankful for Pete and Kelli Orta. We feel God placed them in our paths to help children we might not ever be able to help complete. We joke and say that we catch the fish and send them to Pete to “scale” and “clean up”. These are two people that sacrifice daily and remind us of Paul in the Bible. In looking at their lives it is obvious it has to be God doing this through them because there could not possibly be a hidden agenda. There is no money to be made and no material things to be gained. Only the treasure of a life being changed forever!

Their website is In Triumph


Howard Forman, Director
The ROCK Student Center, Monroe, GA

Pete with his own children and his “In Triumph” teens

Pete’s wife Kelli with the student we sent them

Pete with the group Petra