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It’s been awhile since I last wrote to you. God has been working His will in us as a family. When He called me to bring the homeless youth of America into our home, the two things He instructed of me were to tell my story, and not ask for money. As I’m walking through this, the stories of what God is doing are amazing. Yes, you can live in America and still experience miracles! With the lethal virus of the prosperity gospel running reckless throughout our American churches, I thought God instructed me not to initiate financial support so that people would know I had no ulterior motive, or perhaps I thought it was His way to keep me focused on Him as my provider, not man. While that may have been the case then, God’s purpose always runs deeper than we know. I want to share with you what I’ve learned this far. I hope it encourages you to pick up your cross and chase Jesus.

We run out of food at times and are always close to getting evicted out of the place we live. I’ve been on the phone with many of you as meals where becoming thin and, as the earthly needs of my own children were not being met, but never said a word. And during these times, my family and our teens that God has brought into our lives, remain so grateful for what we do have. During my prayer time in the past, I would always focus on myself and my own family. I’m not saying this is wrong, but let me persuade you to make a shift in the way you might be accustom to seeking God. The deepest part of God’s heart is suffering and aching for his people. The kids here have been through suicide attempts to prostitution and the pain is enormous. It is no wonder God is calling us to know His heart and to know what grieves Him. Many times we think we are also “suffering with Christ” because we are dealing with repercussions and consequences of choices, or the anxiety we feel as we run short on funds at the end of the month. But this is not what it means to suffer with Christ. I am talking about taking on the suffering of someone else’s life and carrying the burden of another person’s pain. God wants us to take on burdens that are bigger than our selfish concerns and sacrificially give of ourselves to them. This is the only way we will ever touch the depths of our Father’s heart. He weeps for the pain of the lost and His heart aches for the less fortunate. God didn’t want me to ask for money to prevent me from becoming the next gospel whore, he did it it so that I would find the depths of His heart.

We have so many needs since we walked away from our income to chase the unwanted of the world. But it’s through our sacrifice and through the suffering of the lives of these kids that we have touched the tears of God. I use to think how blessed I was to live here in America, but now I resent the things that fed my comfortable life, because they have robbed me from knowing the true heart of God. I am praying for God to bring us a great harvest of souls. I have counted the cost and I’m prepared to sacrifice even more, to suffer even more. Challenge me in this, I want you to make yourself uncomfortable this month for someone else. Take on the aguish of another person. Give of yourself sacrificially and ask God to show you His heart. Not a one time effort but endure the burden of someone for 30 days. You tell me if you can’t feel and see a part of God that you’ve never embraced before. Your Father will remain faithful and open up the deepest parts of His heart to you. The more you sacrifice for someone, the deeper that you will touch Him. You will also find that in your suffering, the real prosperity in the gospel is the gift of feeling what God feels.

In Christ & In Triumph,
Pete Orta