Roger Bannister


One response to “Roger Bannister

  • Ryan

    A great thought and an awesome use of this image. Bannister gave everything in his effort to break the 4:00 minute barrier and set the world record – a record that lasted less than two months. Isn’t it strange that so many people will work so hard for things that are so perishable? Even so, I do admire Bannister because he did run for the crown. Something I think is important to remember when you think of Bannister’s effort; he couldn’t achieve what he set out to do without the support of his friends and pace-setters, Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway. It is the same in athletics as it is in our Christian walk – we must seek the fellowship of like-minded, committed friends.

    “God, bless my endeavors, but give me the strength to strive to reflect Your glory instead of striving for the accolades of men” -Ryan

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