Something’s Gotta Give

I believe in having a good work ethic, but a few years back I ran out of steam. For the first time in my life I was lost. I believe all of us reach this point at some time, it just depends on how long our resources last. My self-discipline, self-confidence and the self-serving purpose of my life fed everything but my spirit; the real me inside was dying. As I was at the bottom of my life and couldn’t collect any answers for myself, I remember finally thinking, this is not the end. There was nothing there for me and I didn’t want to go out like that, I wanted to do something, besides die a slow death. My faith deepened as time went on while the soldier inside of me still desired a good fight to feel alive. I started making calls to people I knew and apologizing for my self-serving motives in the past, most never recognized it in me but I recognized it in myself. I would ask, “What I can I do for you? What’s your dream? What do you want to accomplish this year and why?” Not having value left in what I had done, I was forced to see my own value apart from my accomplishments or lack there of. That mind shift immediately began to help me peel away the layers to see the true identity of the people around me. My world started to transform, suddenly I was talking with someone’s son on the phone, having lunch with someone’s husband, having a meeting with some kids father, who was just trying to put food on his family’s table. I grew a heart for them because I knew how it felt to be alone on my journey and I didn’t want anybody else to experience what I had felt. I started digging into their lives and helping them break through the thick glass wall they once built through failure and disappointment. I fell in love with humanity and started to serve it. As they would reveal their need, I became committed to their dreams and their ideas. I put everything I had into to helping them make it happen. I pushed their ideas to the next level as well as provided the tools to be effective. I really wanted people to win. I started asking questions that would help define what they did and how they did it. I was not only branding them, I was branding my fire within them. The power of giving is a force that has no mercy, it’s an aggressive current that absorbs peoples skepticism, doubts and fears.

Something happened to me, I was alive, and without any strength of my own. If I ever think about me, I still feel lost, but it’s just a reminder of what my life is like without the love for other people. What’s funny is that in my time of despair, I would always say. “Something’s gotta give” not knowing that the something was me.

– Pete Orta

“For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a slave to all, so that I may win more.” – Paul the Apostle


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One response to “Something’s Gotta Give

  • Marjorie Whitley

    Hi Pete, I have been reading your blog posts and I just had to drop you a note to tell you how much they have touched me. I love your honesty and boldness at sharing your heart. You are truly an inspiration.


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